Chasing Dream to Make Greater Medical Impact; Engineering your future; and more ...

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Chasing Dream to Make Greater Medical Impact

A team comprised of an HKUST alumnus and two postdoc fellows has embarked on an entrepreneurial journey to commercialize their proprietary smart hydrogel technology that will bring about next-generation therapeutics, with much-needed support provided by the tech transfer arm of HKUST.


Engineering your future

Prof. Thomas HU is on a mission to show his students from a wide range of disciplines just why civil engineering can help them tackle major real-world challenges such as infrastructure safety and housing shortage facing Hong Kong today.


The bacteria that could fight global warming

HKUST researchers have discovered a mechanism that helps boost the ability of eco-friendly aquatic bacteria to absorb more carbon dioxide in the ocean and produce more marine oxygen, possibly slowing down global warming.


Unlocking cancer-causing mechanism

By using a novel biosynthetic method, interdisciplinary researchers at HKUST found the missing piece of how a toxin released by E. coli is connected to colorectal cancer, facilitating future research on the prevention of this third most common cancer worldwide.


More powerful AI on its way

HKUST has developed the world’s first all-optical multilayer neural network for deep machine learning, enabling AI to function like biological brains in tackling complex problems at the speed of light using much lower energy consumption.


Life changing power of giving

Four HKUST community members recounted how the Alumni Endowment Fund helped them get through financial setbacks and hard times during their studies, and disscused their aspiration to better the lives of others by giving back.


Faculty Awards


2019 Excellent Young Scholar, The Natural Science Foundation of China

Prof. Anthony LEUNG Kwan

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Prof. LI Yingying

Department of Information Systems, Business Statistics and Operations Management
Department of Finance

Prof. WANG Jiguang

Division of Life Science
Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Member-at-Large, The IEEE Signal Processing Society Board of Governors (IEEE SPS BoG)

Prof. Pascale FUNG Ngan

Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering
Department of Computer Science and Engineering

2019 Class of Influential Researcher, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research (I&EC)

Prof. Richard LAKERVELD

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

2019 Deep Carbon Observatory Emerging Leader Award, Deep Carbon Observatory

Prof. PAN Ding

Department of Chemistry
Department of Physics

2019 Technology, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Section (TIMES) Best Working Paper Award, The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS)

Prof. WANG Xin

Department of Industrial Engineering and Decision Analytics

2020 OSA Fellow, The Optical Society (OSA)

Prof. Patrick YUE Chik

Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering

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